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      603-3167 4575/ 603-3167 4578

      Company Policies

      - To Accept Changes
      - To Be Creative
      - To Face Challenges
      - To Be Energetic
      - To Enhance ISO/As - System

      - Honesty
      - Fairness
      - Total Commitment



      - To Be No. 1 In Our Business
      - To Train And Motivate Employees To Be The Best
      - Excellent Civilized Working Place
      - Excellent Cleanliness
      - Smart Uniform  

      COMPANY GOAL ( Q.C.D.T. )

      To Satisfy Customers By Achieving Quality, Cost, Delivery And Provided Technical Support At All Time.



      Hands-on ! -: We Started Our Business With Hands-on.
      Mind-on   ! -: We Manage Our Operation With Mind-on.
      Heart-on  ! -: We Won Our Customer With Heart-on.

      Welcome to Metal Stamping

      Company Introduction

      S&Y metal stamping is one of the leading metal stamping workshops in the country, providing a full range of metal stamping services, as well as precision machining services. Whether you require prototype work or production runs, we are the one stop source for all your custom manufacturing needs. ?Our value is to collaborate with you to solve production issues including part and tooling design, development, manufacture, maintenance and provide consistent quality per your specifications, and resolve delivery and inventory challenges so you may be more successful. By bringing your expertise and ours together, a new higher standard can be achieved.

      Products & Services

      S&Y Metal Stamping exists to make your job easier. For over 22 years, we have done custom manufacturing in steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals. Our collective years of experience, tools and die capabilities are put to work to make your job easier. Our customers come to us because of our reliability. We have customers around the world from variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Electrical, Electronic, Medical and Construction. Our value is to be your total solution for precision fine stamping processes : Design, Development, Manufacture & Maintenance.

      Precision Metal Stamping

      Tool & Die Design

      Metal Fabrication

      Other Services


      Year Established


      Years of Expertise


      International Trading countries


      Article Produced

      Technology & Support

      In S&Y, we provide high level technical support for parts and dimensions based on customer's requirement. We are always dedicated in improving our parts/products which will boost effectiveness in productions and processes as well. Our team provide advices and open discussion on how to enhance effective production, the key control point of customers' parts/products and build stronger ties with our customers. We believe that to be able to fully understand a part or a product is to undertand our customer's background and their capability to work together. Therefore, we fully believe that close and great cooperation with our customer is the key for a greater success. ?

      ISO 9001:2015 Quality System Certified

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